Sign-on for MINUSTAH troop withdrawal from Haiti

See updated list of signatures below.  Be sure that the responsible authorities in your country receive copy of the letter. 

To UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon;Haiti libre baja

Minustah head Amb. Sandra Honoré

UN Security Council President;

Member States of the UN Security Council;

Member States of the OAS Group of Friends of Haiti;

Governments and parliaments of the countries with military troops occupying Haiti;

Institutions of Latin American and Caribbean integration;

Peoples of the world:

Ref: Rejection of mandate renewal for the MINUSTAH in Haiti

The annual mandate of the UN Mission for the Stabilization of Haiti (MINUSTAH), established in 2004 after the illegal removal of a democratically elected president, is due to expire on October 15, 2014. The day before, October 14, the UN Security Council is scheduled to decide on whether to once again renew the presence of the occupying force that originally was planned for only six months, but which has remained in place until now. Enough! Ten years of military occupation must end now!

Throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world, popular movements and organizations, diverse civil society entities, trade unions, parliamentarians and progressive politicians are standing in solidarity with the people of Haiti and demanding of the UN and those governments that deploy soldiers there, the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops occupying this Caribbean country and an end to the MINUSTAH.

This is not the first intervention of Western powers in Haiti, a country that was colonized by France until 1804 and occupied by the United States between 1915 and 1934. The UN has also intervened in the country prior to the current occupation, with two missions of its “peacekeepers” in 1991 and 1994.  In neither case was the declared objective – the stabilization and promotion of human rights – achieved. Today, a decade after the arrival of the MINUSTAH, Haitian society is in no way “stabilized”. Indeed, it faces a systemic crisis that has worsened with the occupation, including the serious deterioration of its public institutions and growing levels of violence due, among other factors, to increased trafficking of drugs to the U.S. market. Moreover, instead of defending human rights, MINUSTAH soldiers have been abusers: rape, repression of demonstrations, abuse of authority and interference in the electoral process, among other widely documented unacceptable acts.

Another serious impact of this military occupation has been the 2010 introduction by UN forces, of the bacterium that causes cholera, provoking an epidemic that has so far claimed 9,000 Haitian lives and left a trail of 730,000 cases of infection in the country. During 2014, 45,000 more people are expected to become infected and countless more deaths to ensue. Meanwhile, investments made to eradicate the epidemic and fulfill the human right to water have been totally inadequate. The annual MINUSTAH budget for 2014 is US$ 600 million, but only US$ 121 million have been pledged for the fight against cholera – without any certainty about the money´s eventual delivery. This reveals the international community´s scant humanitarian priorities.

Neither the UN nor the countries participating in the MINUSTAH have acknowledged so far their responsibility for the social crisis caused by the epidemic, despite explicit requests from the UN Independent Expert on Human Rights and Haiti, among others. Thus, a group of lawyers representing the families of the victims has filed a lawsuit in U.S. federal court in New York, demanding compensation for the victims and their communities, and reparations for the crimes committed against the country. On October 23, the Haitians will offer testimony at a court hearing in Manhattan. Hopefully, the U.S. judiciary will not accept the defense of diplomatic immunity, argued by the UN to maintain its impunity in the face of the worsening humanitarian crisis in Haiti.

The “stabilization” forces repress local unions and social movements fighting for better wages and living conditions for Haitian workers, helping transnational corporations to continue to exploit the cheap labor of Haitian men and women. The engagement of these TNCs in land grabbing, natural wealth extraction and the occupation of the strategic pillars of the Haitian economy has also been directly encouraged by the MINUSTAH presence. In August and September 2014, a new wave of repression of popular demonstrations by the MINUSTAH in Port-au-Prince occurred when women who had children by UN soldiers, protested against the fathers leaving the country without leaving them so much as an address, let alone financial assistance to the children they had during their period of service in Haiti.

As Haitian movements and organizations prepare to mark the centennial of the first U.S. invasion of their country, we denounce the fact that governments and parliaments of our countries continue to agree to participate in the outsourcing of this new occupation and its concomitant process of recolonization, ignoring the will of the people of that country and the two resolutions of the Haitian Senate. We therefore demand the immediate withdrawal of the military troops occupying Haiti and termination of the international trusteeship over Haiti. We call on the governments of Latin America (responsible for most of the MINUSTAH contingents) and the Caribbean, in particular, to support the creation of a true force of solidarity between our region and the people of Haiti.

Since 2005, social movements and popular organizations throughout our region and the world have been promoting visits, solidarity actions, events and campaigns in support of the liberation of the Haitian people from this present form of domination. Today, after 10 years of this new cycle of military and economic intervention, we demand recognition of the failure of the UN mission, an immediate end to its mandate, and reparation of the crimes committed.

Haiti needs the international community to listen to its people and to support their proposals for the defense of their rights and the reconstruction of their country. Haiti needs solidarity for health, food sovereignty, water, education, and housing – but not foreign troops. Haiti needs, above all, freedom and independence so that its popular forces can build Haitian democracy and distribute the country´s wealth internally.

Full support for Haitian social movements!

Down with the military occupation of life!

MINUSTAH out of Haiti!

-Latin America and the Caribbean, October 2014



Jubileo Sur / Américas (JS/A)

Acción por la Biodiversidad

Articulación de los Movimientos sociales hacia el ALBA

Comité por la Abolición de la Deuda del Tercer Mundo – Cadtm-AYNA

Encuentro Sindical Nuestra América ESNA

Federación Sindical Mundial (FSM) en América Latina y El Caribe

Grito dos Excluidos Continental

Jubilee South-Asia/Pacific Movement on Debt and Development

Movimiento Mesoamericano contra el Modelo extractivo Minero – M4-

Periódico Resumen Latinoamericano

Red latina sin fronteras


School of the Americas Watch

Servicio Internacional Cristiano de Solidaridad con América Latina – SICSAL

Sociedad Latinoamericana de Economía Política y Pensamiento Crítico (SEPLA)



Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Premio Nobel de la Paz

Alcira Argumedo, Diputada Nacional, Proyecto Sur

Aldo M. Etchegoyen, Obispo (em.) Iglesia Evangélica Metodista Argentina

Alejandro Cabrera Britos, delegado general ATE SENASA MARTÍNEZ

Alfredo Grande (Argentina)

Amabe Amalia Molinari, licenciada en Gestión Cultural

Antonio Riestra, Diputado Nacional, Unidad Popular

Asociación de Trabajadores del Estado ATE Nacional

ATTAC – Argentina

Aurora Tumanischwili Penelón, Guillermo López, FeTERA FLORES (Federación de trabajadores de la energía eléctrica de la República Argentina en CTA).

Beverly Keene, Coordinadora, Diálogo 2000-Jubileo Sur Argentina

Carina Maloberti, Consejo Directivo Nacional – ATE-CTA

Carlos A. Vicente – Acción por la Biodiversidad

Carlos Guanciarrosa, Agrupación Enrique Moscón, FeTERA

Carlos Loza, AGP, junta interna Asociación General de Puertos

Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina CTA

Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina CTA – Capital

Centro de Estudios para el Cambio Social CECS

Centro de Militares por la Democracia Argentina CEMIDA

Claudia Hasanbegovic, abogada y docente UNLZ, UNSAM,

Claudio Giorno, Emancipación Sur

Claudio Katz Profesor, Economista, Investigador UBA-CONICET

Claudio Lozano, Diputado Nacional, Unidad Popular

Cnl (R) José Luis García, CEMIDA

Comisión de Políticas de Género de Carta Abierta

Comité argentino de solidaridad por el retiro de las tropas de Haití

Convocatoria por la liberación Nacional y Social, Frente Sindical: Agrupación Martín Fierro (Varela, Mar del Plata y Neuquén); Agrupación político sindical Tolo Arce; Centro Cultural “Alejandro Olmos”; Convocatoria Alte. Brown; Convocatoria Matanza; Convocatoria Capital Federal; Convocatoria Comunidad campesina Tartagal-Salta; Biblioteca Popular Fernando Jara, Cipoletti, Río Negro

Corriente Nacional Emancipación Sur

Daniel Faustino Ballester,   Entre Ríos, Concepción del Uruguay.-

Darío Balvidares, Docente, Comunicador.

Dario Mejias, Profesor de economía política -Universidad Nacional del Litoral-Santa Fe

Diálogo 2000 – Jubileo Sur Argentina

Eduardo Espinosa, ATE, Ministerio de Desarrollo Humano Pvcia. Bs.As.

Eduardo Grüner, Fac. de Filosofía y Letras / Fac. de Ciencias Sociales (UBA)

Eduardo Lucita

Enrique Elorza, profesor titular, Universidad Nacional de San Luis,

Equipo de Educación Popular Pañuelos en Rebeldía

Frente Popular Darío Santillán

Frente Popular Darío Santillán- Corriente Nacional

Gervasio Espinosa, rioplatense, 72 años

Graciela Rosenblum, Co-presidenta Liga Argentina por los Derechos del Hombre LADH

Gustavo Robles. PCT- Argentina

Gustavo Vera, Legislador de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Bloque Bien Común)

Héctor Carrica, Derechos Humanos de la Asociación de Trabajadores del Estado (ATE) Nacional.

Herman Schiller, periodista y conductor de “Leña al fuego” y “Aguantando de pie”

Joaquín Pérez

Jorge Cardelli, Diputado Nacional (MC), Emancipación Sur

Julio C. Gambina, Presidente FISYP

Leandro Bona (Lic Economía UNLP)

Lilian Videla, San Luis

Liliana Martin, Córdoba

Lita Stantic

Luciano Andrés Valencia, Escritor e historiador, Cipolletti, Rio Negro

Luis E. Sabini Fernández, docente y periodista, uruguayo residente en Argentina

Manuel Justo Gaggero –abogado, militante de Unidad Popular

María Leonor (Nora) Moyano. Docente Jubilada UNCUYO, Mendoza

María Rosa González, comunicadora social

Mariano Féliz, Dr. en Economía. Profesor UNLP. Investigador CONICET.

Mario Hernandez (Miembro de la Comisión Directiva de la Coordinadora de Medios de la CABA-COMECI)

Mario Mazzitelli, Secretario General PSA

Marta Speroni, militante internacionalista por los DDHH.

Mirta Baravalle, Madre de Plaza de Mayo – Línea Fundadora

Monica Scandizzo delegada junta interna ate -indec , secrtaria de ddhh

Movimiento Popular Patria Grande

Movimiento por la Unidad Latinoamericana y el Cambio Social (MULCS).

Nechi Dorado. Periodista, escritora. Argentina

Nora Cortiñas, Madre de Plaza de Mayo – Línea Fundadora

Pablo Bergel, Legislador de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Bloque Bien Común),

Paula Belloni, Economista, Becaria FLACSO/CONICET

Prof. Elsa M. Bruzzone, CEMIDA

Ricardo Peidro, Secr. Gral. Asociación de Agentes de Propaganda Médica de la República Argentina (A.A.P.M. de la R.A.) y Secr. Adj. de la CTA Autónoma (Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina).

Rubén Sacchi, Director Revista Lilith, Revista Septiembre

Sergio Arelovich, Universidad Nacional de Rosario

Soledad del Carmen Moya

Susana Rearte, Coordinadora en defensa del patrimonio público y de la Soberanía

Unidad Popular

Union Solidaria de Comunidades (USC) del Pueblo Diaguita Cacano -Santiago del Estero

Verónica Martínez, Sociedad de Economía Crítica

Vicente Zito Lema (Argentina)

Víctor De Gennaro, Diputado Nacional, Unidad Popular.

Víctor Mendibil, Coordinación General ESNA

Alberto B Ilieff. Buenos Aires

Dr. Luis Enrique Olarte, presidente Foro Ciudadano para la Democracia de Neuquén

Emanuel Marcos Abínzano, Córdoba

Hugo Crosatto – Ex-comisión interna los 9 de Mercedes Benz.

Mario Borini, Prof. Titular Salud Pública, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2003.2008

Susana Helguera


Alicia Jardel, Profesora


Alejandro Dausá

Pablo Regalsky


Aline Castro, Red por ti América,

Amigos da Terra Brasil

Ana Lúcia da Silva-  Professora Universitária aposentada-  Goiás

Articulação dos Comitês Populares da Copa e Olimpíadas ANCOP

Associação de Professores da Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo APROPUC-SP

Associação Potiguar dos Atingidos pela Copa – APAC

Bermi Flami

Caritas/regional São Paulo (Sul 1)

Centro de Estudos Bíblicos CEBI

Central de Movimentos Populares

Clair Da Flora Martins

Comissão de Defesa da Liberdade de Imprensa e Direitos Humanos da Associação Brasileira de Imprensa (ABI)

Comissão Pastoral da Terra

Comitê dos Atingidos pela Copa – Belo Horizonte

Comitê dos Atingidos pela Copa – São Paulo

Comitê Popular da Copa de Porto Alegre

Comitê Popular da Copa Natal

Comitê Popular de Direito do Rio Grande do Norte

Comitê Pró-Haiti

Conselho de Leigos e Leigas da Arquidiocese de São Paulo


Fernando Correa Prado, Professor do Instituto Latino-americano de Economia, Política e Sociedade, Universidade Federal da Integração Latino-americana (UNILA)

Fórum Mudanças Climáticas e Justiça Social

Grito dos Excluídos nacional

Heitor Cesar R de Oliveira – Professor  – Membro do Comitê Central do PCB

Heloísa Fernandes

Heriberto Hermes

Instituto de Defensores de Direitos Humanos (DDH) – Rio de Janeiro

Instituto de Políticas Alternativas para el Cono Sur PACS, Rio de Janeiro

Instituto EQUIT – Gênero, Economia e Cidadania Global

Instituto São Paulo de Cidadania e Política

Iser Assessoria – Rio de Janeiro

Ivan Pinheiro – Secretário Geral do PCB

Ivo Lesbaupin – sociólogo, Rio de Janeiro

José Victor Regadas Luiz

Jubileu Sul Brasil

Justiça Global

Laísa Marra De Paula Cunha Bastos / Aluna/pesq.da UFG, Goiânia

Levante Popular da Juventude

Luana da Silva Marques -Rio de Janeiro

Luciana Genro

Luis Enrique Casais Padilla, Professor Visitante. Pós Graduação em Política Social. Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo.

Luis Moraes, presidente do sindicato dos técnicos de informática do município de mogi das cruzes são paulo.

Luna Dalla Rosa Carvalho – Natal/RN

Mandato do Vereador Renato Cinco (PSOL do Rio de Janeiro)

Marcelo Dias Carcanholo, Presidente Sociedad Latinoamericana de Economia Politica y Pensamiento Critico – SEPLA

Márcio Lupatini – UFVJM – Brasil.

Marco Antonio Perruso, Prof. de Sociologia da UFRuralRJ

Marco Antonio Santos  – São Paulo

Marina Machado Gouvêa-Brasil-Uni. Federal da Integração Latino-Americana

Mario Augusto Jakobskind, periodista, Rio de Janeiro

Mary Garcia Castro, Pesquisadora

Mathias Seibel Luce – Professor da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

Maurício Campos dos Santos, engenheiro

Movimento de Olho na Justiça

Movimento do Atingidos por Barragem – MAB –

Movimento dos trabalhadores rurais sem terra- MST-

Movimento Nacional Quilombo Raça e Classe

Niemeyer Almeida Filho-Presidente da Sociedade Brasileira de Economia Política

Palmira Amancio da Silva

Partido Pirata, Río de Janeiro

Pastoral da Juventude Arquidiocese de São Paulo

Pastoral Operária nacional

Pedro Casaldàliga -bispo emérito da Prelazia de São Félix do Araguaia – MT-

Prof. Luisa Araujo, Unila

Profa. Tânia Horsth Noronha Jardim-Departamento de Serviço Social/Puc-Rio –


Rede Rua –

Ricardo Antunes

Roberto Leher, universidade federal do Rio de Janeiro,

Rodrigo Castelo, professor da Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Unirio)

Serviço Pastoral dos Migrantes

Sonia Fleury – Profesora de Ciência política FGV,

Tania Jamardo Faillace – journaliste et écrivain de Porto Alegre, RS

Tita Ferreira

Tomás de Siervi Barcellos

União da Juventude Comunista

Unidade Classista

Universidad Sin Fronteras

Virgínia Fontes – historiadora – UFF e Fiocruz

Corrente Sindical Unidade Classista – Unidade Classista

Dra. Carla Ferreira, Historiadora e Jornalista, vice-coordenadora do HEDLA/UFRGS

ESPLAR-entro de Pesquisa e Assessoria, Fortaleza

maria antonia dal bello

Partido Comunista Brasileiro – PCB


Fronteras Comunes

Latin America and Caribbean Solidarity Network, Toronto

Organization for Afrikan Struggles and International Solidarity

Campaign to end the occupation of Haiti, Toronto


Casa Bolívar,

Observatorio por el Cierre de la Escuela de las Américas

Alicia Lira, Presidenta de la Agrupación de Familiares de Ejecutados Políticos


Renán Vega Cantor (Colombia)


Ana Carcedo, Centro Feminista de Información y Accion, CEFEMINA

Centro Feminista de Información y Accion, CEFEMINA

Norma Pereira Camacho, Fundación para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos en Centroamérica

Wim Dierckxsens, Coordinador Observatorio Internacional de la Crisis


OUATTARA Diakalia, Forum National sur la Dette et la Pauvreté (FNDP)


Organización de Solidaridad de los Pueblos de África, Asia y América Latina (OSPAAAL)

Eugenio, FLACSO


Vicepresidencia de la UNE

Ruth Elvira Sanchez, Sucumbios


Carlos Federico Beautell, Isla de La Gomera- Canarias.

Colectivo Ojos para la paz, España.

Comité Oscar Romero de Vigo,

Ecologistas en Acción (Spain)

Ernesto Baquer, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

Plataforma Global contra las Guerras, España

Asociación Cultural LoQueSomos (España-Argentina)


Umberto Mazzei

Claude QUEMAR (CADTM France)




Simona V Yagenova, investigora-profesora FLACSO


Batay Ouvriyè


Kendy Boisrond, Investigador de la CEPAL,Especialista en economía de desarrollo y polícas públicas.



Ricot JEAN PIERRE, Directeur de Programme Plaidoyer pour une Intégration Alternative, PAPDA


Williams Shoumaher


Consejo Cívico de Organizaciones Populares e Indígenas de Honduras COPINH

Denia Mejia

Igor Calvo, militante de base del FNRP, Honduras

Luis C. Lagos, docente universitario, Sociólogo, miembro del Partido Libertad y Refundación (LIBRE)


Antonino Infranca (Italia)


Alejandro Cérsar Líopez Bolaños, Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas, UNAM, DF

Ana Esther Ceceña, UNAM,

Comité Amigos de Puerto Rico

Comité de Derechos Humanos de Base de Chiapas Digna Ochoa

Consejo de Defensa de los Derechos del Pueblo-Movimiento Nacional del Poder Popular-CODEP-MNPP –

Dr. Arturo Guillén R., Profesor-Investigador Titular “C”, Departamento de Economía, UAM Iztapalapa

Frente del Pueblo

Grupo Tacuba

Jóvenes Ante la Emergencia Nacional-México

Movimiento de Liberación Nacional-

Observatorio Latinoamericano de Geopolítica, UNAM,

Otros Mundos A.C./Chiapas,

Sandy Elvia Ramírez Gutiérrez (Economista, UNAM)


Grupo de Solidaridad-Arenal (GRUDESA)

Rafael Valdez Rodríguez, Centro Antonio Valdivieso


Coordinadora Popular de Derechos Humanos COPODEHUPA

Olmedo Beluche (Panamá)



Institute for Social and Economic Justice


Carlos Cáceres

Ignacio Denis Del Rosario

Luis Rojas Villagra – SEPPY – SEPLA

Najeeb Amado, miembro de la Sociedad de Economía Política del Paraguay

Organización Nacional de Mujeres Trabajadoras Rurales e Indígenas CONAMURI


Juan Rojas Vargas –

Ricardo Napurí


Miguel Urbano Rodrigues, escritor


Comuna Caribe

Vilma​ Soto Bermúdez, Movimiento Independentista Nacional Hostosiano​


Articulación Nacional Campesina

Asamblea de los Pueblos del Caribe, Capitulo Dominicano.


Capítulo Dominicano del ALBA

CLOC-VC Republica Dominicana

Confederacion Nacional de Unidad Sindical-CNUS

Lilliam Oviedo

Movimiento de Campesinos trabajadores Las Comunidades Unidas


Ricardo Acuña, Contador, pensionado, Londres


Coordinadora por el Retiro de las Tropas de Haití

Federación de Estudiantes Universitarios Uruguayos FEEUU

Izquierda Socialista de los Trabajadores Uruguay (LIT-CI),

Jose Curbelo Indart – La Paloma (Rocha)

La gaviota, FM 103.3, Montevideo

María Bouzas- Colonia


Red de Economistas de Izquierda del Uruguay (REDIU).

Ruben Rada

Ruben Suarez, Concejal Municipio F, Montevideo

Serpaj Uruguay

Comisión Multisectorial

Comisión Nacional en Defensa del Agua y la Vida (CNDAV)


Beverly Bell, Other Worlds,

Hondureños en Resistencia FNRP /LIBRE, Norte de California

James Petras (EE. UU.)

Misiones Agrícolas

Ruben Solis Garcia, Universidad Sin Fronteras

Lorena Peñate

Marilin Acuña.

Ricardo Flores,

Rosa V. Peñate,


Amaylin Riveros, trabjadora social

Ángel Cedeño Silva

CADTM-AYNA Venezuela

Carmen Bohórquez, Coordinadora General de la Red de Intelectuales y Artistas en Defensa de la Humanidad

Centro de Atención y Formación Integral de la Mujer CAFIM San Bernardino

Coalición de Las Tendencias Clasista Venezuela (CTCV).

Colectivo Cimarrón


Coordinadora Simón Bolíva, Barrio 23 de enero, Caracas

Humberto Rojas D.

Ignacio José Birriel

Jimena Sosa

Mariadela Villanueva,

Paulino Núñez M., SEPLA

Yukency Ruiz

Marieva Caguaripano, comunicadora social, activista de SurDH

Embajada de los Derechos Humanos



Carlos Trotta

Elena Jiménez, de la Red En Defensa de la Humanidad

Juan Luis González Pérez

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