Haiti Message To Us Ambassador Pamela White: Stop Blocking Removal Of Corrupt Martelly-Lamothe Regime

POSTED BY EZILI DANTÒ ON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2014, http://www.ezilidanto.com/zili/2014/12/haiti-message-us-ambassador-pamela-white/gohomeusa/

Haiti rejects US Ambassador Pamela White’s “too little too late” attempt to save the corrupt Martelly-Lamothe Regime. Haiti Message to US Ambassador Pamela White, Sandra Honore and Barack Obama/Bill Clinton: Stop Blocking Removal of Corrupt Martelly-Lamothe Regime | Bloodshed continues as militarized Haiti police kills 3-month old baby with tear gas, wounds four protestors.

Top photo: US Ambassador Pamela White white with martellywith Pres. Martelly, drink-in-hand at beach. Bottom photos: Amb.White hugging on Prime Minister Lamothe. US/Pamela White’s close relationship with Haiti corruption is a hot Haiti media topic.
Photo Source: Max Baker

“At the meeting requested by the American Ambassador, the leaders of the six political parties invited must not go simply to take their marching orders from Pamela White” ~ Yvener Millien


Top Opposition Parties Tell Us Ambassador That The Martelly-Lamothe Regime Must End

By Ezili Dantò, Dec 2, 2014 | Originally posted on Facebook


go homeGo Home USA, Go Home Pamela White. End the US occupation of Haiti 
and Puppet Martelly-Lamothe Regime /Photo Source: Tina Lorquet


In a letter dated November 28, 2014, the United States Ambassador to Haiti, Pamela White commanded a close-door meeting at the Fusion political party headquarters with the six opposition parties who are demanding an end to the US-supported Martelly-Lamothe regime and its harmful, pro-imperialist and unrestrained neoliberal economic policies in Haiti.

Fanmi Lavalas and Kontra Pèp La did not attend the meeting with US ambassador Pamela White. The four others – MOPOD, Fusion, Ayisyen Pou Ayiti, INITE – met with the US Ambassador at Fusion headquarters at the appointed December 2nd time at 4pm.

During First US occupation of Haiti (1915-1934), the traitor, Jean-Baptiste Conze betrayed Charlemagne Peralte, Leader of armed warriors against invading US Marine imperialism. Hanneken captured Peralte, terrorized, murdered  and nailed his corpse to a door the Marines hung at the public square in Cap Haitian, Haiti.

A large protest crowd in front of the Fusion headquarters made it difficult for the US ambassador and her convoy to easily past without facing and hearing the demands of the people to take Martelly back to the US with her. There were many shouting “Go home USA, Go home Pamela White.” Other extraordinary demands by the streets were in the signs which begged Russia for help against the US occupation. There are reports of signs: “Vladimir Putin please help us, Haiti.” A sign where Vladimir is boxing with Obama read: “Vladimir Putin help us with Obama’s regime in Haiti!” These signs were waved at the US Ambassador.

Throughout Haiti, tens of thousands of Haitians are holding anti-government protest rallies. As the January 12th date for dissolution of Parliament approaches with no realistic plans for new parliamentary elections in the works, the tense encounter is viewed as the US Ambassador’s “too little too late” attempt to save the corrupt Martelly-Lamothe regime. The demonstrators’ demands of the US Ambassador Pamela White,  the UN-MINUSTAH head and spokesperson Sandra Honore, President Barack Obama and former UN envoy to Haiti, Bill Clinton is that they stop blocking:  fair and honest elections. Stop blocking the people’s removal of the corrupt Martelly-Lamothe regime from Haiti. 

Most in the crowd outside were protesting the four political parties, who agreed to meet with the US Ambassador, calling them collaborators with the big powers and denouncing any agreement these political parties might take to retain the Martelly-Lamothe regime. They said the “Conzes meeting with the imperialist forces will not be negotiating on the back of the people on the streets.” The militants on the streets said the people won’t easily be ignored or betrayed by the political parties who accepted to meet with US Ambassador Pamela White. The spokespeople on the streets denounced any negotiations of all the four political parties who attended the meeting.

This was the first time, in the three years since the imposition of the US Martelly-Lamothe regime that the US expressed any interest in the voices of the people in the streets for participatory democracy or in sitting down with the anti-Martelly-Lamothe political sectors in Haiti.

Ambassador Pamela White is generally seen, by the protestors to the US occupation, as an active enabler in Haiti’s instability and underdevelopment. She’s often photographed palling around with the corrupt Martelly-Lamothe regime. Drinking champagne with them at beaches, upscale venues. Jet-setting with little ambassadorial decorum, living “La Vida Loca” with the other NGO invaders at luxury hotels, some paid-for with Haiti quake funds while quake victims at tent camps like Canaan are homeless, hungry and the US-trained, militarized Haiti police, terrorizes the African masses.

(See, Stop the Persecution by the Eurocentric US-UN puppet Martelly-Lamothe Regime, US terrorism in Haiti, US Crowds Next; Basic Haiti rights repealed and US to Rewrite Constitution to Better Serve the One Percent.)

The people on the streets indicated to the four parties who attended the US meeting, that no matter what they say, the people do not trust them not to work over their heads with the imperial powers.

Nonetheless, here are the points, so far, made by the head of MOPOD, representing to the public what happened at the meeting between the four parties and the US highest representative in Haiti.

According to the MOPOD spokesperson, the four parties who attended the meeting said these points were made to Pamela White. The US ambassador’s purpose for this futile meeting was to try to negotiate for Martelly/Lamothe. The US has no moral authority whatsoever with the people of Haiti even though it’s reported that Ambassador White’s posture at the meeting was under the guise that the United States asked for this meeting to find out, from the opposition, exactly what their concerns were. The spokesperson for the four parties who attended the meeting, the MOPOD executive said that the four parties detailed four points to Pamela White:

  1. Since 1986 the people of Haiti are fighting to restore democracy in Haiti
  1. They insisted that if this is a Haiti crisis, they insist there must be a
Haitian answer with no foreign meddling – There can be no solution
without the participation of the people of Haiti.
  1. They reported that the attending political parties told the US they
can’t consult with foreign powers without negotiating an agenda, and a method
for determining, quantifying a Haiti resolution.
  1. The four political parties said they advised the US Ambassador Pamela White
that they cannot negotiate an end to the crisis without the participation of
the people of Haiti…. The population protesting in the streets, the
population in prison, the population participation.

What is clear is that the political parties are concerned about losing ground by attending a meeting with a foreign power that has installed the Martelly-Lamothe regime. Also, attorney Andre Michel confirmed what’s been clear to everyone which is that not all in the 6-political parties are standing for the end of the Martelly-Lamothe government and that no one in their right minds trusts Pamela White based on her past unconditional support of the Martelly-Lamothe government in face of their blatant corruption, affiliations with drug dealers and known criminals. (Statement by Haiti Counselors, Andre Michel and Newton Juste.)

The Quiet Genocide in Haiti/How is it wielded, From FDR to Obama
-The United Nations, a criminal organization- From Lumumba to Aristide

Elsewhere in Haiti on December 2, 2014, in the Northeast, a 3-month old baby died in his house from inhaling militarized police tear gas thrown at the people. Four people were wounded by police bullets shot at crowds protesting deplorable living conditions under Martelly-Lamothe and demanding that the power plant servicing foreigners at Caracol share their electricity with the people at Ouanaminthe and Fort Liberte. (See, Haitians at Fort Liberte and Ouanaminthe Protest Caracol Monopolizing Electricity and Tens of Thousands of Haitians take to the streets demanding the Martelly/Lamothe regime stand down, leave office.)

Throughout Haiti, the anti-government protests are rising. Haiti National Police reportedly also fired tear gas to disperse protesters who also blocked hundreds of workers from entering the Codevi Industrial Free Zone in Ouanaminthe, owned by Dominican businessman Fernando Capellan.

Frustrated and angry Haitian villagers near the border with the Dominican Republic, like Haitians throughout Haiti are demanding that Michell Martelly’s regime stop flying to foreign capitals and spending State monies on luxury hotel tours and attend to the social needs of the people of Haiti such as providing safe and affordable housing, clean drinking water, sanitation, health care, energy/electricity, local agricultural investment, street and road repairs among Haiti domestic needs.

Video: High tension encounter between Haiti Political Parties and the Ambassador of the United States, Pamela White



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